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The method? To transform the essence into words and images that sell.

We designed and implemented a multi-level promotional campaign targeting various platforms to create the Snip cold and flu product advertising campaign. TV, radio, print and digital, banners, billboards, pharmacy windows and buses.

The famous actress, Smaragda Karydi, is from 2014 until today the protagonist in all the advertising campaigns of Snip. A widely loved personality, now identified with the product, is the reason for the advertising campaign's success. Choosing Smaragda as the protagonist proved to be incredibly effective as she managed to communicate persuasively and convince.






Woman in the kitchen during television advertisement

The goal was simple - to make Snip the product of choice for cold and flu and increase sales. The success factors?


  1. The public loved the story around and the face identified with the product. 

  2. The slogan "Live Every Moment" became widely known.


These factors confirm that we managed to start the dialogue and convince the target audience about the action and effectiveness of Snip, setting us one step ahead of the competition. 

advertisement in a magazine for cold and flu
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