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Our team curated captivating visual content aimed at resonating with tranquility and wellness for Ashtanga Nicosia Yoga Center. Our comprehensive suite of services, spanning theme selection, inspiration curation, and creative direction of the photoshoot, sought to elevate the studio's online presence, engage the audience, and foster a profound connection with the essence of yoga.


We meticulously curated themes aligning with the studio's ethos, developed inspirational mood boards to evoke serenity, and provided strategic guidance to ensure the visual narrative harmoniously aligned with the brand identity. Implementing post-production enhancements for a polished aesthetic on social media, the result is a stunning array of imagery not only showcasing the physical practice of yoga but also encapsulating the studio's unique atmosphere.

Our overarching goal is to enhance the brand image and strengthen identity through visually appealing and cohesive content, ultimately increasing recognition and recall value on various social media platforms. Through meticulous planning, artistic finesse, and a deep understanding of the brand, we've successfully transformed the studio's digital presence into an immersive journey of wellness and self-discovery.


Photoshoot Creative Direction
Theme selection
Inspiration curation
Communication of brand guidelines to the photographers
Post-shoot photo selection
Management of retouching requirements.

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